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WHO CloudView Partners is an organization of industry-leading Cloud Architects that provide premier Cloud professional services. CloudView Partners empowers their clients by reinstating the ironclad truth that ‘Today, Cloud is the new normal’. As a trusted partner of end-to-end IT infrastructure transformation and Cloud adoption, their key solutions encompass a secure and low-risk 5-stage methodology.

CHALLENGES Rapid business growth as explosive as the need for Cloud infrastructures was the name of the game for CloudView Partners when they secured our help. The sudden expansion urged a speedy revamp of the company website to elevate the brand’s image. Discouraged from a previous experience with another designer, our client challenged us to redeem their faith in a well-planned creative and execution process. Top priorities included crafting a delightful user experience and drawing attention directly to the main course of the website. Relevant keywords that convey the essence of the brand include Agility, Elasticity, Software, Security, and Creativity.
PROCESS When we set out to redesign the UX/UI of the company website, the following are some considerations that remained at the forefront of our execution:
•  Does the website page organization prevent user confusion?
•  Is the hierarchy of data supporting the most engaging and important content?
•  Are all the pages successfully communicating the respective purpose/message?
•  Are the visual components serving our client’s goals and intentions for tone?
•  Are images, colors, and patterns consistent and indicative of a company in the industry?
•  Will the website resonate with the target audience?
•  ​​​​​​​Is the site memorable and engaging?
PHASE 1: INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE/USER EXPERIENCE ​​​​​​​First we learned more about the industry’s marketplace and the target audience’s preferences. To create a sitemap we identified the most important pages and content for the website. The collection of the 5 Solutions to a single landing page was not delivering the impact it deserved. We resolved this structural issue by dividing each solution on to its own dedicated page to improve poor bounce rates.

We recognized a need for more engaging content since the original website offered few opportunities to grab the user’s attention. Our initial sketches revealed that the Home page should easily reveal: who CloudView is, the solutions offerings available, the industries served, and how to get in touch.
PHASE 2: USER INTERFACE ​​​​​​​Sleek font combinations, captivating graphics/imagery, and high-contrast color palettes marked a common theme amongst competition. Early versions of the proposed design included vibrant accent colors and graphics to cue innovation and a certain ‘Cloud-tech whimsy’. Ample white space cued dramatic tech professionalism and seriousness that spoke ‘Agility, Elasticity, Software, Security, and Creativity’. Our unveiled concepts challenged our client to consider the core of the brand and how it related to longevity in his new website design.
We then agreed to button up aspects of the design to better represent the essence of CloudView Partners. Obstacles such as determining the perfect color palette and hero image provided inspiration for elements carried throughout the website’s entirety. CloudView’s step-by-step methodology was coined the ‘Tech Stack’ and presented in a 5-stage graphic on the home page. This idea was carried into the individual solutions page to promote familiarity and an enjoyable user experience. We also increased call-to-action buttons throughout the site for better engagement.
For the first time ever CloudView Partners website now features a collection of captivating Case Studies, an inspirational backstory to the company’s existence, and a home for brilliantly written blogs. These pages elevate brand awareness and enhance engagement opportunities.

PHASE 3: DEVELOPMENT With visions of the new website clearer than ever, the development team worked their magic to efficiently bring the designs to life. Speed and flexibility were key throughout site development. Our team cross-examined how the website would display on screens of all shapes and sizes. In the end, the team built a foundation for a long-lasting product equipped with tools for easy maintenance. This advanced group of Cloud Architects, CloudView Partners, decided that regularly producing blog posts was a commitment they were excited to take on with their new WordPress CMS. Following numerous internal and client assessments of the development website, the day had arrived – Launch Day!
RESULTS Fun times definitely ensued in collaboration with CloudView Partners and our client has redeemed faith in the power of creative teams! From exploring the creative limits of competition to spit-balling abstract ideas the client happily received our expertise. In the end, we produced the new and improved face of CloudView partners with users as the first priority. The brand is finally represented in a way that matches the level of premier service the company provides.

CLIENT FEEDBACK “Through each step of the process, George and his team worked diligently to ensure our website represented the message that we wanted to convey, taking our website to the next level. We could not have asked for a better experience or result!”  – Sanjay Maljure Founding & Managing Partner, CVP
MY INVOLVEMENT Design Creative Lead

Formed Design Brief with Client
Arranged Information Architecture for Best UX
Wireframe Design, Low Fidelity Prototypes
Concepted UI Theme, Color Palette, Typography
Executed UI Theme, Color Palette, Typography
Designed Flat Design Mockups & High Fidelity Prototypes
Retouched Photography and Illustrated Visual Elements​​​​​​​
Visual Product Review with Developer & SEO Teams